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Our Partners

The success of the Grand Connection requires both public and private partnership, leadership and investment. Currently, the Grand Connection program is led by the City of Bellevue through the Community Development Department. This team helps guide overall citywide coordination of the many projects and operational elements needed to bring the vision to life. Individual projects continue to be managed by their respective departments—for example, the Wilburton Vision Implementation is led by Community Development, and Meydenbauer Bay Park Phase 2 is led by the Parks & Community Services Department.

Private Sector

The private sector will play a critical role in the success of the Grand Connection program. Many components of the route through downtown will be developed in tandem with redevelopment of private properties through incentives in Bellevue's Land Use Code.

Private property owners will also play a key role in activating and managing public spaces along the route, in partnership with the Bellevue Downtown Association and Grand Connection partners. Many publicly-accessible open spaces along the Grand Connection are located on private property, but are used for public events. We expect to see more of these partnerships as the Grand Connection vision comes to fruition. 

Finally, private companies and developers in the retail and office spaces along the corridor will bring life, energy, and vibrancy to the area every day of the year. 

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