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We want to hear from you.  Residents, stakeholders, and employees within the City provide essential and valuable input to the visioning process.  We want to know how you would use the Grand Connection and how it can improve livability, connectivity, identity, and culture.

Public Engagement

Enliven Wilburton

Users on the Eastside Rail Corridor

In partnership with King County Parks, the Gehl Institute, REI, and several other contributing partners, this tactical urbanism event demonstrated the potential of the Eastside Rail Corridor and the Grand Connection intersection.  The interface of these two important non-motorized corridors presents a unique opportunity to create a new public space.

The event created a temporary one night café meant to inspire ideas and imagination around both projects and the potential of the Wilburton Commercial Area

The success of this first event will inspire future events at this same location and throughout downtown Bellevue.

Poll and Survey Results

View results from previous surveys and polls.

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