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Linking People to Places...
...From the
Bay to Eastrail


Bellevue Grand Connection

An active Grand Connection corridor is critical to meet Bellevue's long-term livability, economic competitiveness, and environmental sustainability goals


Provide input on the next phase of Meydenbauer Bay Park by Jul 15 

The Grand Connection Experience


Photo Courtesy of BDA



Photo Courtesy of BDA

The Grand Connection is Bellevue’s signature downtown place-making initiative. This program functions as a series of cohesive, connected and memorable spaces and pedestrian-focused experiences and initiatives through Bellevue’s thriving central business district.


With a length of over 1.5 miles, the Grand Connection begins at the waterfront of Lake Washington at Meydenbauer Bay Park, and winds through Old Bellevue and Downtown Park. It continues through Bellevue’s dynamic retail and civic-focused parts of downtown, across Interstate 405 and ultimately connects with the regional Eastrail in the Wilburton commercial area. Ultimately the Grand Connection will include a landmark piece of infrastructure over Interstate 405, influencing the land use patterns of the Wilburton commercial area and improving connectivity to downtown.


At full operating potential, Bellevue residents, patrons and downtown workers will enjoy an iconic destination supported by open spaces, events and activation and improved access to recreation and active transportation options through the heart of the city.

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