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Review the design concepts for a potential Interstate 405 crossing between Downtown and the Wilburton Commercial Area.



The Interstate 405 Crossing

The Grand Connection Framework Plan: Volume Two addresses the Interstate 405 crossing segment of the Grand Connection. The report provides in depth descriptions of each alternative, as well as important information such as planning level cost estimates, travel distance, and amount of open space created. In Fall 2018, the Bellevue City Council directed staff to pursue Alternative Three "Lid Park" for crossing Interstate 405.



Grand Connecion Framework Plan Volume 2

Alternative Three - Lid Park

The lid park alternative would seek to create new public space over I-405 between NE 4th and NE 6th Street. Approximately 200,000 square feet of green and plaza space would be created through this alternative, using a rolling landscape to partially cover the access ramps to the interstate and create a unique form. A central plaza would exist for programmable events and public use, surrounded by modest landscaped hills that could be used for play, greenspace, and viewing platforms. A direct elevated connection over 116th Avenue NE would link the Grand Connection to the Eastside Rail Corridor, and an alternative route that would connect at grade at 116th Avenue NE through a modest green space.


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